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Come my child...

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Hi everyone! ^_^ My name is Steph-Chan. My real name is Stephanie but I'd reaaaaally like it if you call me Steph-Chan. I am a 14 year old girl living out in the middle of no place. This place is a town called Sibley. And the population is very low. VERY LOW.
I'm a freshman at Fort Osage High ^_^.
I has a boyfriend and his name is Drew-Chan.
And if any girl decides it's alright to hit on him...(which it ISN'T) I will find out who the fuck you are. And I will stalk you everyday sending you scary stupid notes made from newspaper clippings saying I knew what you tried to do with my Drew-Chan. And then...when you sleep, I will cut a little of your hair each day. MURHAHAHAHA. Then... I will make you're "friends" turn aginst you. I'll make it so no one LIKES you. And then I'll kill you! MURHAHAHA! So when you die, no one misses you!

Anyways, back to me!
Um, I like anime. I like Sailormoon, Gundam Wing, Peach Girl, Hellsing, Cowboy Bebop, and many more that I won't spend the time typeing up. I love to draw though, I'm not a great "artist" my friends all say I'm pretty good. So does Drew..
But I think he draw's better than me. He thinks the oppisite.

(will write more later...promise! ^_-)

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